Welcome friends, fans, and most of all ~ BASEBALL MOM's! Thank you for visiting our website.

A "Baseball Mom" is in a league of her own.  We are never traded individually.  When a trade is made (moving from one team to another) it's always a package deal, Player and Mom.  We are most often not apprised of the trade in advance but told afterward, "Oh by the way....."

We would love for you to please share with us your baseball stories.  It all starts for the most part in the back yard.  Watching with eager anticipation as your darling little son picks up that white ball and throws it in your general vicinity.  Before you know it, the back yard is filled with practice wiffle balls and yellow and red plastic bats.  Then you move up to the fabulous Tee, complete with the string attached to the soft white ball.  It's usually just a matter of hours before that string attaching the ball to the Tee is removed and then the balls start flying.

Click on the navigational link above marked "Stories" and share with us your memorable baseball stories.  Please back as often as you'd like to share your stories and helpful hints.